If you’re thinking, “Darlene, you’ve covered this ad nauseum,” you’re right! But someone named Gracie G. from Levelland, Texas, asked Tory Burch this question in her column for the September issue of InStyle: “I have a large bust. What type of necklaces can I wear, and which styles should I steer clear of?

Here’s her surprising answer: “Look for longer-length chains or necklaces that have small beads. They’ll fall beautifully over a large chest and help create an elongated silhouette. Avoid short, chunky necklaces that can appear bulky and overwhelm your frame.”

I’m all for an elongated silhouette, but the only way a long necklace will fall beautifully over my large chest is if I’m standing perfectly still.  And the danger isn’t of a necklace overwhelming my frame; it’s of my frame overwhelming the necklace!

But has this worked for you? For instance, when I recently asked about necklace length on the Campbell & Kate Facebook page, one woman answered, “Long chunky necklaces do not work with the larger bust line..but i find that smaller more delicate ones with something at the end to anchor it works fine.” Perhaps something like this necklace from a Finnish jewelry site that Tina has introduced me to? (By the way, if you have to wear an ID badge, be sure to check out their ID card strings!)

I realize their are other other exceptions, such as the time I wrote about how women with large busts and very small backs can wear delicate chains despite the fact that large necklaces actually minimize a large bust.

But in general, how true does Tory Burch’s advice ring for you?