I feel like I write about this every year, but once again “Project Runway” contestants are making asses of themselves when forced to dress someone who isn’t a model.

Actually, this season it was really just one designer who was being a brat: Ven, whose two previous wins assured he would not be kicked off this episode even though he deserved it. Even Gunnar Deatherage, who’s been exceedingly bratty in every episode so far, fully embraced his client, including hugging her and acting truly excited to be working with a regular person.

Ven started by bashing his poor client, Terri, to the cameras, saying he thought it was unfair that he got a plus-size client while some of the other designers got thinner women, and that he was “in shock” when he first saw her. He then told Tim Gunn that Terri had “no shape,” “no style whatsoever” (isn’t that what he’s supposed to help her with? It’s a make-over challenge!), and then laughed and said she was probably a size 14 when Tim asked (as if that’s so gargantuan—I was glad to see Tim point out that 14 is not really “plus-size”).

As if that weren’t bad enough, Ven then made all sorts of passive-aggressive insults to Terri’s face, like saying he chose black because it’s slimming, and making a big deal that the belts he picked out were too small for her. The poor woman actually ended up crying, and later her friend who had nominated her cried on the runway too, because the friend thought the experience would make Terri feel good about herself and instead it made her feel terrible.

Oh, and the outfit Ven created? Unlike the other designers, he paid no attention to Terri’s life or story, so he designed something completely inappropriate for her needs. He made a plain black pencil skirt out of stiff fabric that would have wrinkled horribly during her two-hour drive to work. Then he paired it with a cheap-looking neon blue silky blouse that had baggy sleeves and no structure whatsoever—such lazy workmanship! And the two pieces did not go together at all.

Thank goodness the judges weren’t being complete idiots for a change. They all thought Ven’s work was abysmal and he was the last person to be called safe. They also mocked him for saying he’d never designed for a “real” woman (so what are models, then? Not human?).

I was really hoping for a double-elimination after Heidi Klum said “one—or more—of you will be going home” multiple times, but no such luck. At the very least, it was gratifying that all the judges and other contestants were horrified by Ven’s ridiculous behavior.

The client is beautiful, and if Ven can’t design something beautiful for her then he’s a failure as a designer.