With summer in full swing, you’re probably seeing as many bra crimes as I am. The one below is only a misdemeanor from a distance–her bra simply looks like a black cami peeking out. But once she sits down, the violation becomes obvious.


At least it’s a black bra. While driving yesterday, I saw woman in a gorgeous floaty green halter dress, complete with fully exposed beige bra marching across her back. Women who wear D cups and up must continue to wear their bras in the summer–we couldn’t get away with this woman’s bare back.

But if you’re determined to let your bra be fully exposed, at least make it look intentional and edgy or pretty. Take a look at two Curve Cams from last year that dealt with this topic:

Options 1, 2 and 3
Options 4 and 5 (option 5 is my favorite)