I purchased the July 2012 issue of InStyle for the Salma Hayek feature, but I had no idea I would discover a potential celebrity spokesperson for the Bra Band Project:

Revealing that she wears a 30E bra and has a 23-inch waist, Martino knows a thing or two about dressing for a top-heavy figure. “Boobs are fabulous–your best fiend when you’re naked–but when you’re shopping for clothes, they’re a nightmare,” she confesses. “When in doubt, I go for V-necks or sheath dresses that go in at the waist.”

Are we entering a new dawn of celebrities who know their true bra size? Can Christina Hendricks be next?

It may be that Eva should be in a 28 or even a 26 band, but just the fact that she doesn’t claim to wear a 34DD* is one giant step forward for full-busted womankind.

*Back in 2009, I noticed that 34DD seemed to be the magic number to which celebrities could admit wearing.