If you visit New York City in the summer and want a break from the crowds and concrete, you must take the free ferry from Manhattan to Governors Island.  On  Saturday, Mr. Campbell and I visited it for the first time and stumbled across the Jazz Age Lawn Party that took place last weekend.  So instead of looking at backs and back issues of Hourglassy, today’s post is looking at backs and other images from our day back in the Roaring Twenties.

When we think of this period, we usually think of flapper girls with boyish figures. However, there are so many beautiful details from that period that are accessible to all figures, especially when combined with options from the present.  Let’s begin with backs.

First up, I thought this top placed over an extreme T-back dress was a brilliant solution to the bra issue for women with large breasts. The sequins at the hem maintain the glamor. She wouldn’t have reached the same effect with a knit tank top underneath! (No, this isn’t Governors Island–it’s the Times Square subway stop at the end of the day as the crowd of Bright Young Things gradually dispersed into the regular world.)

Next, isn’t this four-way sash amazing? With the dress’s wide-enough straps and not too extremely deep back, I like to think that any busty woman could wear it, but maybe I’m dreaming. (Would you wear a regular bra or a strapless bustier under this? And which style and brand?) I also like the back interest provided by her graduated bob. (A lot of women with long hair braided, twisted and pinned it to look short–providing even more intricate detail from the back.)

After the jump, you can see more costumes and details that caught my eye. Maybe they’ll give you ideas for what to wear to all the Jazz Age parties you’ll be invited to as the release of The Great Gatsby draws closer.


Our ferry ride back to Manhattan felt like we’d just stepped out of the Tardis.