Has the spring weather put you in the mood for dresses lately? It has me. That, plus Curvy Wordy’s Wallis finds and a recent Twitter exchange with The Full Figured Chest and Butterfly Collection have shaken me out of a rut.

Thanks to Curvy Wordy and Claire from Butterfly Collection, I’ve given wrap dresses another try even though I refuse to believe they’re the panacea for busty dressing that fashion magazines want them to be (and as you know from yesterday’s post, I also refuse to believe that empire waists are our savior).

I was regretting my decision not to spend $40 on the dress  below in the week before Easter because all I wanted was something light, pretty and new to wear that day. Incredibly, it was still there last week, but this time for $20! That never happens to me–the only dress like it, in a color that looks great on me, in my size and 50% off. It’s a Jones New York dress in size 12.  I even made an exception to my anti-cami policy for it.

In the photos above, I’m trying my hardest to implement the Sue Bryce tips I told you about yesterday, but I’m not sure I’m being very successful. It’s harder than it looks! I also compare the dress with and without a long string of pearls for your opinion.  It’s only the slightest difference, but I do think I look a little narrower with than without. Thoughts?

Interestingly, I did not worry about my balance point with these pearls because I know the camisole hits my second balance point–right where my cleavage begins so it’s always easy to figure out! I’m committing something of a busty no-no by letting the necklace cascade off my chest–the fabric is slippery so the pearls slide all over the place–but since it blends in with the background, the bouncing necklace isn’t as noticeable.

Next up is a Calvin Klein rayon/spandex dress that I found at Marshall’s for $40 over the weekend. This has all sorts of potential, and you know I’m a sucker for scoop necks, sleeves and stripes. But those stripes are causing a conundrum–how to keep the horizontal stripes from going diagonal AND keep at least 3/4 of my boobs covered?

In the pics below, I’m wearing my new Fantasie FL2222 Rhiannon that I bought at Bra Tenders on Friday just because I want to show off its amazing lift. On the left, you can see what happens to the horizontal stripes when I hike up the neckline to cover most of my boobs. On the right, you can see what happens when I don’t. Even I can see which one looks better! I’m just not sure I’m ready for that much exposure.

Here’s the same dress with my new 36GG Masquerade Persia 6581 that I also purchased at Bra Tenders on Friday. I ADORE this bra and the shape it gives me–and the gorgeous, meant-to-be-seen lace. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s meant to be seen with this dress. Perhaps a Marlies Dekkers type style would be the solution here?

I hope you’re as encouraged as I am about the dress possibilities out there for us, and I find it  super helpful to see what other bloggers are wearing and thinking about. In fact, you can look for a guest post from Holly of The Full Figured Chest here tomorrow on just this subject.

Meanwhile, now that I’ve found a few dresses I like, I have no shoes to wear with them!!!