When you revisit your tween and teen years, do you ever think about how different things would have been if you could have had then what you possess now? Here are three things from the present that I wish I could take back with me in time:

1. More confidence. If I could go back to my teens, I’d wear a certain knit top that looked amazing on me but I was too self-conscious to wear out of the house.
2. Every pretty and supportive full bust brand currently on the market, including all the new and amazing sports bras for PE.
3. The internet.

With items 2 and 3 readily available today, you’d think that full-busted teens would have it easy now, wouldn’t you? I’m not so sure because here are a few more things we only tend to have as adults:

A. Funds—full time jobs that pay for the great bras we find on the internet;
B. Independence—the discretion to spend on our own priorities instead of being subject to our parents’ budgets; and
C. Transportation—the ability to reach a professional bra fitter when the only options in our town are department stores.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to find a high schooler to write about what it’s like to be large busted as a teen . . . while a teen. Maybe it’s my way of trying to revisit the past, but it’s actually more a way to keep up with the present. What issues do DD+ teens deal with today that we never had to deal with? What issues remain the same?

In March I received an email from a high schooler I’ll call Denise who impressed me with how seriously she had been searching for a correctly fitting bra. She’d done all her homework, but a lack of funds, independence and transportation were affecting her options. I offered the little bit of advice, but Denise ended up helping me out even more—she agreed to be the high school writer for Hourglassy. Look for the first installment in the Hourglassy high school series tomorrow!