With it being a holiday weekend, I’m not quite back to a full coverage reading roundup, but I think these pieces that have caught my eye will also interest you:

How have I not discovered the Dressing Curves blog before now? I’ve met its Swedish author, Helena, in another forum and been extremely impressed with her technical knowledge and insight. For instance, those of you with narrow shoulders who find most bra straps set far too wide apart, will appreciate this great tutorial on how to move your bra straps in. (For a little background on strap placement, see Eveden fit expert Frederika Zappé’s discussion of the Fantasie 4500 last year.) I’m also jealous of her ability to make her own patterns to create these light, flowy summer dresses last year. Wonder what she’ll make this year?

What’s your “Marge Simpson” outfit? Read this Simpsons episode summary on One Girl, Two Cups from last February to answer that question. And enjoy her description of the Birchbox “scam”. At least she got something out of it that saved the day for her “Marge shirt”.

Every year I vow to review more swimsuits, and every year the summer gets away from me. I’m not making any promises this year, but I do remember my epiphany from last New Year’s Eve on Miami Beach. That epiphany came to mind again on Saturday as I watched this video on choosing the right swimsuit this summer–it seemed to be mostly about covering and hiding. For a more liberating and joyful perspective, check out this gallery of average and overweight women who aren’t hiding anything.

One reason I don’t invest in a new swimsuit is money–I haven’t worn out the one I purchased in 2010, so I can’t justify buying a new one. The money issue caused me to be very happy at this recent post on the Independent Fashion Bloggers website: How Not to Go into Debt over Personal Styling. Here’s my favorite quote from that piece:

Until your disposable income is comfortably, you know, up there, reserve your big ticket purchases to accessories, shoes and classics. Why? Quite simply: they will always fit! A handbag, a pair of shoes, sunglasses, jewelry – even if your size fluctuates, these pieces will always work. If you’re going to spend big on apparel: think about jackets, blazers, a perfect black dress or a cashmere sweater. Quality is key!