Congratulations to Anna for getting the highest score on yesterday’s quiz! The answer was EDBAC. Here are the pros and cons for each of my recent purchases.

E.  Fantasie Smoothing Balcony Bra #4520

Pros: The center gore tacks perfectly, no quadraboob, and it’s great under low cut tops. Super reasonable in the $50 range (I link to Linda’s because she offers it for $49.)

Cons: I jiggle when I wear it, and you saw the lift in yesterday’s pics.

D.  Fantasie Rhiannon Balcony Underwire Bra #2222 (I link to Bigger Bras because it’s my only advertiser selling the Rhiannon right now–and most of the colors and sizes are on back order.)

Pros: AMAZING lift as you saw in yesterday’s second pic. Just what I like. Also wide and deep enough to go under wide and deep necklines.

Cons: I swore I’d never buy another contour cup, but with this lift I couldn’t resist. Besides, it’s much less bulky than my old Le Mystere Dream Tisha, and it’s less east-west than my old Panache contour cup bra. Unfortunately, as with all contour cups I’ve experienced, it adds a little bulk so that even my Campbell & Kate 14L won’t button smoothly over it. It’s pricey at $74, but the cost-per-wear is going to be excellent. Also, they try to make it interesting with the lace pattern, but it just isn’t a pretty bra.

B.  Wacoal Romantic Inspirations #85569

Pros: It’s pretty and it was 25% off because it’s past season.

Cons: It’s a LOT of bra. It didn’t actually fit perfectly in the store, but after my good experience with the Wacoal Alluring and because of the discount, I thought I’d give it a chance. Meh. Plus you see the old-fashioned pointiness in yesterday’s pic. EVERYONE who answered the quiz got this one right!

HOWEVER, it looks like Wacoal is really trying to revitalize its image, and Barenecessities is offering free shipping AND RETURNS on all Wacoal bras until June 3. Wacoal now offers some pretty styles in G and H cups for 32+ bands. I might be taking advantage of the offer to try these:

Wacoal Seduction Demi Underwire is $50
and includes sizes 32G-38G.

Wacoal La Femme Underwire is $58
and includes sizes 32H-38H. I would
order it in hot pink!

A.  Curvy Kate Emily

Pros: Remember how I said I’d give the 36GG a try? Well, I’m glad I did. Plus, everyone recommended the Emily, and they were right–it’s super pretty and comfortable. I had fun wearing it for the first time Monday under a matching coral cami. I can comfortably wear it on the middle hook. It’s definitely not too loose.

Cons: The lift is about the same as the Fantasie 5420, and on my shorter frame, the side of the cups cut into my underarm. I only noticed this while getting dressed and then while walking at the end of the day–nothing about this bra made me notice it while working on the computer throughout the day. The underwire continues to go past the ending of my breast and to leave some space at the bottom of the cup, but it’s actually better than my new Wacoal. I may try it in 36G in the future.  At $67 it’s not cheap, but the only Curvy Kate bra cheaper in the States is the $65 Daily Boost that I’ve been hearing good things about.

C.  Panache Masquerade (or Harlequin?) Persia 6581

Pros: Super pretty and very comfortable. Very little elasticity anywhere. Gives my breasts the shape I like. (I’m not sure why it’s so hard to find this style online. I’ve linked to Herrom above, but it’s also available from Figleaves.) By the way, you can see a photo of a 28FF wearing this in the just-launched Bra Band Project pics.

Cons: As you saw from yesterday’s pics, the lift is meh. The lace at the top of the cup doesn’t lie flat against my breast. Also, because of the pretty straps, they won’t adjust the full range.