One thing that impresses me about June of Braless in Brasil is how methodical she is about her wardrobe. She has a plan with a budget and a list. Since she lives in Brazil, she must do everything online. This requires a ton of patience, but it certainly cuts down on impulse purchases! Now Holly is also updating her wardrobe, and thanks to Space Librarian’s comments on Holly’s guest post yesterday, I have discovered Space Librarian is updating hers, too.

How about you–are you happy with the foundations of your wardrobe, or are you undergoing a restructuring as well?

Inspired by June’s self-discipline, I pulled everything wearable out of my closet a few weeks ago and spread it out on our bed. I wanted to get a sense of what I have and what I need. From the collage below, you can tell I need some color, can’t you? On the other hand, the good thing about so many neutral pants and skirts is that my wardrobe foundation is pretty solid. What I’m missing are shoes, colorful tops and accessories. (I also needed a few more dresses, but after the finds I reported in Monday’s post, I’m in better shape there.) (My classic white Campbell & Kate shirts didn’t make it onto the bed because they were in the laundry.)

So I’m curious to hear about your closet. I have two questions for you:

  1. What do you consider foundational to the wardrobe of a full-busted woman of your age, profession and activity level? and
  2. What are the gaps in your wardrobe, and how do you plan to fill them?