Leah has a ton to write for Off the Rack, so look for it here later today or tomorrow. In the meantime, these two pics from Curve this past week are great reminders of what a great pair of stockings and red shoes can do for us:

This lingerie store owner from New Foundland is wearing Commando stockings–they’re $35, but she says they don’t roll or sag, and she won’t wear anything else.
These are the legs of the designer for Claire Bare Eco Lingerie. She herself does not wear a D cup or up, but I couldn’t resist the fishnet/red shoe combo. Besides, her lingerie is custom-sized, which is GREAT for D cups and up.

Here is one of Claire Bare’s designs, and yes, that’s a 14M Campbell & Kate shirt you see in the background! See more from Claire Bare on her Etsy site.