I just published a new post on the Campbell & Kate blog called “Can You Handle the Curves?“  Three experiences prompted it:

  1. My surprise at my own profile in fitted clothing from Carissa Rose, Biu Biu and, of course, Campbell & Kate;
  2. Fitting a friend in one of my shirts and having her say, “You’re so brave for wearing them”; and
  3. Sending a relative a 14S Campbell & Kate shirt for her birthday and hearing her confess that “it’s not what I’m used to wearing” (because she’s used to wearing shapeless tees).

If these clothes had been available to a younger me, would I have been too self-conscious to wear them? And if so, I wonder why I’m so “brave” now.  I’ll have to reflect on that.  I’m curious to hear how others of you have dealt with your own self-consciousness.

Speaking of hearing from you and dealing with self-consciousness, I can’t wait to publish the Fairy Bra Mother letters next week.  Plus, I’ve found an amazing non-profit to feature here that I know you’re going to love.