There’s a lot to tell you about my BiuBiu purchasing experience, but today I’ll start with the detail that matters most to us: FIT. The good news is that in terms of fit at bust, shoulders and waist–where it really matters–BiuBiu’s fit is almost impeccable.

I’ll let the photos and captions below speak for themselves.  I’m going the purist route today and showing the plum Madison (size 44BB), green Ponti (size 44B/BB) and red Town (44BB) dresses as they looked out of the package without any extra accessories.  Tomorrow, I’ll post different looks for the Madison and Town.

This dress fit the best of the three. It could probably use hemming at the sleeves and bottom to de-frumpify it on me, but overall I really like it. I wouldn't mind a deeper neckline as well, but there's no danger of cleavage showing in it as it is.
Try to ignore the shadow behind me that makes me look even larger. The Madison fit me at the bust almost as well as the bra I wore underneath it!
My fear that the dress wouldn't work well with my petite height was unfounded. There were no extra folds down my back. Any folds you do see are from my skin, and shapewear will take care of that.


Love this little pleat detail in the sleeves. There's a similar kick pleat in back of the dress.
This dress looks amazing in this photo . . . makes me wonder if I'm too picky, but see the details below for why it was my least favorite.
This closeup shows the color and front pleat detail better. I'm not a fan of the way the pleats draped on me, although I love the way they camouflage my tummy bulge.
There's some rumpling in the back that can probably be altered by tucking the excess fabric into the waist--I'm not sure because of the side zipper. However, notice once again the great fit at the bust. My main issue with this dress is the standup collar--it stands up too far behind my neck. That's a tough detail to get right on everyone, and the fact that it wasn't right on me would have annoyed me each time I wore it.


I LOVE this red dress. Unfortunately, it was slightly too snug. I could fit it, but I noticed the tightness of the cap sleeves whenever I moved my arms.


I may have been slightly smashed in at the bust, but you might agree with me that it's hard to see any boob-flattening going on in this photo.
Ultimately, I probably need this dress in a 16BB. I couldn't zip it by myself, partly because the zipper was stiff, but partly because there is no extra room to play in the 14BB on me. There was some fabric folding in the back waist that I didn't have in the Madison. It's probably because the Madison didn't have a waist seam. Again, it would be great to be able to tuck the extra fabric into the waist seam if the zipper didn't present an issue.