It has been two months since I started wearing my Empreinte Kaela and my Wacoal Alluring, and guess what?  In the same week, both have become loose enough to wear on the middle hook.

When I first started wearing them, they were so tight I could just barely fasten the loosest hook.  Now the middle hook is perfectly comfortable.  I wore the Empreinte on the middle hook all day Sunday (church, grocery shopping, etc.) and the Alluring on the middle hook all day Tuesday (dawn to dusk and beyond election inspecting).  Both had just been washed, so it wasn’t a matter of their having been worn too many days in a row.

Here are the implications for me:  I will never buy a bra that must be fastened on the middle hook before leaving the store.  I recently purchased a Panache Melody in 36H because the store didn’t have it in 34H.   It seemed to fit perfectly, but now I know better.  I’m returning it asap and waiting for the 34H.  I’d rather use an extender than be on the tightest hook in only two months.

Has anyone else kept track of how long it takes them to need a tighter hook?