Today I am working on my first Campbell & Kate newsletter.  If you haven’t yet signed up for the Campbell & Kate mailing list, please do!  Just enter your email address in the box above the footer on any page.

Since I’m concentrating on newsletter writing today, let me point you to my recent favorites in the full-busted and/or fashion and beauty blogosphere:

  1. This review from Invest in Your Chest for obvious reasons.
  2. Undercover Lingerista has actually tried and reviewed Freya’s “secret support” loungewear that I told you about last March.
  3. I don’t sew, but it gave me joy to hear of another 34H who can adapt home sewing patterns for our figure.  If you visit this guest post on FullerFigureFullerBust’s blog, be prepared to lose yourself in other great posts like today’s review of her Vivien of Holloway dress.
  4. I had to laugh at Butterfly Collection’s post about what constitutes cleavage.  Until Mr. Campbell educated me on this subject, I thought cleavage was simply any woman’s display of the beginning of the path between her breasts.  You’ll also get a kick out of the last photo in this blog post about the effects of photoshopping.
  5. Here’s another blog you could spend hours reading:  The Beheld.  I can’t even suggest a current favorite post because I got carried away reading everything while trying to skim through it just now.  I met Autumn, its author, at an Independent Fashion Bloggers meetup of bloggers over 30 during Fashion Week.  I’m honored that she has linked to some of my posts.
  6. And here are two new blogs for you to be aware of:  (a) My friend Moira writes about lingerie in general, but since she’s a 32G (remember her Express shirt that I shared with you?), I’m looking forward to her posts from a full-busted perspective.  She launched her site with this great description of taking her mother for a bra fitting; and (b) Thanks to my favorite forum, Thirty-twod, I’ve discovered a new blogger who writes about her full-busted experience and weight loss as an American living in Brazil.  From what I’ve heard, Brazilians are known more for butt implants than breast implants, so I can’t wait to read more about what it’s like for her to live there.
  7. Leah will be back with Off the Rack on Friday.  She’s trying on the Sofia Vergara line at K-Mart even as I write this.  Look for her report day after tomorrow!
  8. Finally, don’t forget to enter my InStyle Magazine subscription giveaway.  I draw and announce the winner tomorrow night after 5:00 and right now the odds of winning are really good.  If I could add one piece to my fall wardrobe, it would be either the Victoria bag or the Céline shoes that I posted on the Campbell & Kate Facebook page yesterday.