If you see this chemise in a store, it’s okay to take it back to the dressing room with you because it’s made by Freya for up to a G cup!!  It’s part of their new loungewear line with “secret support”–in other words, triangles that cover and internal shelf bras that won’t bifurcate your boobs.

Will you still need to hold your chest if you walk really fast down stairs?  Of course.  But you’ll be comfortable and adorable when you reach the bottom.

The pictures above are of upcoming styles, so you should let your favorite lingerie store know if you’d like to see them there.  According to the Freya rep who introduced me to this line, only two stores in the U.S. currently offer Freya Lounge in a major way.  

See this Freya Flickr photostream for pictures of the current styles. Sorry I couldn’t post close-ups–you can try this link to their website, but it wasn’t working for me at the time of writing.  This Mish website has a great close-up of Frida’s purple leopard print.

Intimate Designs in Missouri carries the Frida cami and the short-sleeved Lois and Gracie, together with their matching pants.  According to store manager Alice, the sizes tend to run large, especially in the pants.  For a frame of reference, one employee who wears a 32FF bra wears an S in the chemise and an XS in the pants.  Another employee who wears a 36GG bra wears an XL in Freya Lounge but could probably also fit an L.  The key is comfort.  As Alice put it, you probably want to be snug in your loungewear since you’ll be walking around the house, and looser in your chemise since you’ll be sleeping in it. To order from Intimate Designs, call 816-833-7999.

Lion’s Lair Designs carries the Monet, Edith and Nancy chemises and the Gracie top and bottoms. You can find the Monet and Nancy on their website.  Simply click “Freya”, then “Intimate Apparel”, then either “Monet” or “Nancy”.  Call 1-800-221-1691 to order the Edith or Gracie.

I hope to order something myself soon and to let you know what I think.  If anyone else tries these pieces, please let us know!