As soon as I typed in today’s title, I remembered that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which this post isn’t about. To remedy this oversight, I highly recommend you enter Cheryl’s October giveaway contest at Invest in Your Chest or click the donate button on her blog’s upper right hand corner.  Another great way to contribute to the cause is to purchase a Carissa Rose blouse this month–1% of your purchase will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (or 2% if you enter the code SURVIVOR at checkout).

The only thing today’s curve cam pics have in common is the pink worn on top.  The woman in the first photo isn’t even large-chested.

 I’ve included her  because last Thursday evening while waiting for a fit model applicant who stood me up, I caught a glimpse of this woman’s bra as she walked by, and it made me smile:  lacy pink with a little pink satin bow under her pale pink shirt.   It reminded me that it’s important to pay attention to the little details that matter to us whether or not anyone else can see and appreciate them.  It told me that this woman takes care of herself and inspired me to do the same.

A full-busted woman wearing an underboob belt over a bright pink cardigan says one thing to me:  confidence.  It’s one of my least favorite looks, but the woman in the photo below seems to carry it off.  Of the three dressing attitudes I’ve described before, would you agree that hers is “See Me”?  I get the impression that she isn’t dressing to draw attention to her large breasts, but she isn’t worrying about hiding them either.  It’s a shame I had to crop off her face and you can’t see her shoes, but if everything were included, you would see that she was all about the total package and not just one asset.