Before Monday, I would have said all of them. It’s been ages since the machine has beeped on me.  (It’s been less than ages since I’ve had other issues with security, but that’s another story.)  However, even after removing my belt,  then my earrings, then turning my pockets inside out, the machine kept beeping, which led to the Full Body Pat Down.

“I don’t understand,” I said.  “Everyone wears underwires.”

“Not everyone,” the tiny-chested little Pat Down Lady corrected me.

This was my first time to wear my Wacoal Alluring through airport security.  Could that have made the difference?  If I hadn’t been rushing to catch my flight, I would have loved to have changed bras and gone through again.  Wait! Did I just say I would love to go repeatedly through airport security?  I’m never early to the airport, but for an experiment like this, I just might get there hours ahead of time.

How about you–have you found the  underwires of some bra brands to be more troublesome than others when going through airport security?