This week, I want to talk about Jessica Simpson. No, I’m not a fan of her music. I am a fan, however, of a Tweet she wrote this week, which I came across courtesy of She wrote:

Been getting lots of questions about this alleged breast reduction—not to worry, I LOVE MY BOOBIES!! They aren’t going anywhere!

What I’ve gleaned from a youth spent reading teen magazines and watching a lot of E!, is that there has been enormous focus on her boobs for her entire career, from all the way back when she was just barely a teenager herself. As I recall from some TV show or another (“Behind the Music”? “E! True Hollywood Story”?), the Simpson family story is that Jessica started out singing Christian music, but her larger-than-your-average-starlet sized boobs made her “too sexy” for that genre despite her attempts to keep the girls hidden in swathes of big clothing.

These days, the celebrity rumor mill seems to constantly make a big fuss about her sometimes-fluctuating weight. So I found it really refreshing to see her say that she loves her boobs. There is nothing wrong with breast reductions, of course, but a celebrity with large boobs is quite a rarity. The few celebrities out there with curvier figures get treated like crap in the media and by fashion designers no matter how famous they may be (see Christina Hendricks, who has publicly complained that high-end designers simply refuse to dress her). So a celebrity who publicly says she loves her body, especially one who regularly receives public criticism, is a major win in my book.

Maybe Christina and Jessica should get together some time and discuss clothing. Because Jessica Simpson’s clothing brand produces the cutest stuff! Here is my point number two in this post: “Jessica Simpson” is another choice to add to your repertoire of off-the-rack brands that accommodate boobs. Plus, the clothes are very well priced, and you can frequently find them:

  • discounted in stores such as Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx,
  • in all kinds of online stores, including,, and
  • through online flash sale sites like (which actually had a Jessica Simpson sale just this week).

I own three dresses of very different styles, and find that the fit is surprisingly consistent and the quality is excellent. A size six comfortably covers my 28FF’s, and the waist/torso area is only a touch looser than I usually prefer.

I even found the holy grail of busty clothing—a shirtdress that actually fits! Shirtdresses always seem to suffer from the same problem: not enough room in the bust, way too much room in the waist. But this one fits my chest perfectly and has a bow belt that discreetly hides the little bit of excess space in the waist simply by tying it tighter. The fabric is also quite stiff and the buttons are close together, which aids in keeping it from gaping over your chest.

My dress is called “Spread Collar Button Front Ruffled Belted Dress,” but the brand has a number of different styles. Check Google Shopping to browse.

So, moral of the story: Jessica Simpson is actually kind of awesome!