We were born to wear blouses like the one I saw this woman wearing in church last July.  I tracked her down at the refreshment table, begged for her business card, and proceeded to ask her bra size.  I’ve lost ALL modesty filters, haven’t I?

Fortunately for us, she did not turn an angry red and stomp away.  I think she said she wears a D or DD, which is plausible, but I suspect she could get away with a much smaller band and a larger cup.  She found the blouse, by the Spanish brand Arnau / A&C Camiseros, at Daffy’s, and she’s wearing size small.

Where do I begin with all that is right about this blouse?  After the jump, actually, plus a photo of a knit equivalent that I saw on the subway recently.


  1. Gorgeous scoop neckline.
  2. A multitude of buttons placed closely together.
  3. Princess seams that keep the top from being too puffy and bring the waist in instead of dropping from the bust like a maternity top, which is what so many empire waists do.
  4. Gathering at the bodice.
  5. No boob bifurcation (or just the slightest beginning of it–not enough to count)!

If you ever find a blouse like this, buy every one in your size.  And in my size for me!

Meanwhile, here’s the knit equivalent that I saw on the subway recently.  What cup/band size combination do you think could wear this top?