Meet Zoë, a fit connoisseur and botany major at a nearby New England college.  I discovered Zoë when she contacted me about Campbell & Kate shirts, and when I saw her posts on the Thin and Curvy Facebook page, where she posed in a Carissa Rose Hannah blouse and a Trashy Diva Doris dress, I couldn’t wait to meet her.  That finally happened during the Campbell & Kate video shoot last month (another good thing coming soon!).  You can see Zoe modeling the 4M shirt on my first Campbell & Kate blog post.  Between takes, she told me about Zoë & Co., so of course I asked her to write this review.  Let me know if you’re ready to join me for a field trip to this lingerie store after reading it!

I found Zoë & Co. using a Google search for lingerie stores in my area.  After reading the description on the website, I expected the store to be a good place to buy my new bras, and I made an appointment for a fitting.  When I entered the store I was totally surprised.  I had never seen so many bras in one place before.

The cashier asked how far I had traveled, and when I answered about 20 minutes, she told me that some customers travel as far as two hours to visit the store.  I could see clearly why one would travel very far to shop at the store because the bras were packed from floor to ceiling.  There were even bras hanging on hooks from the ceiling.

However, I didn’t need to attempt sorting through these bras myself.  After determining my correct size, my fitter quickly brought me all the bras that the store carried in my size (about 30!).  She was also able to bring me any bra that I needed to try in a different size.  Zoë & Co. truly lives up to its slogan of “a lingerie superstore in a boutique setting,” providing both the vast selection of a superstore and the personal attention of a boutique.

My fitter’s name was Leona.  She was very friendly, easy to talk to and put me at ease.  She asked me to take my shirt off to evaluate the fit of my current bra and then found my band size by measuring around my ribcage and eyeing my cup size.  She brought me three of the same bra to try on in three different cup sizes, recommending that I start with the medium cup size and then I could try a size larger or smaller if needed. The bra she brought is the store’s fitting bra that they use to determine a customer’s size because the bra runs true to size.

She left me to try on the bra and when I put it on I noticed how comfortable it was and that it fit perfectly. She was able to correctly guess my cup size on the first try without measuring or looking at the label on my bra.  I find that rather amazing.  Leona also explained to me how to properly put on a bra and the signs that a bra is a poor fit.

Not only did I get to try on a lot of pretty and supportive bras, Leona helped me understand why certain bras didn’t fit right on me. It turns out that sometimes I get the double-boob effect from a bra in the correct size because my breasts are very full on top, and going up a cup size or two doesn’t help.  Sadly I can’t wear certain bras because of this problem, but Zoë’s had lots of bras that fit me and I ended up choosing a Freya Deco and a Panache Tango II plunge.  I also left with a lacy Panache Confetti  thong bodysuit, which is definitely sexier than any underwear I have ever owned before.

There was an abundance of cute, pretty, and/or sexy bras even in the large cup-sizes, and they offered bras to match anyone’s personality.  I tried on some outrageously fashionable and totally unique bras by Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers. I even got a bikini by Panache in my correct bra size and have already worn it many, many times at the beach without any mishaps.  In addition to bras and underpants, Zoë’s has a wide range of sports bras and cup-size swimwear.

I was amazed at how quickly three hours in the store passed.  While there, I overheard some of the conversations that the other customers were having with their fitters.  I listened to a pregnant woman get advice on bras for pregnancy and saw another woman pick up her special-ordered bra. It seems to me that all of their staff are very well qualified and extremely accommodating to whatever your needs may be.

Overall I would rate my experience at Zoë’s as outstanding and I would encourage any women in the area in need of new bras to stop in.  Just be sure to make an appointment in advance so you can experience all of the expertise that their staff has to offer.

Below is a list of bra brands that they carry in a D cup or higher.

Alegro C-H
Anita A-H
Aubade A-F
Chantelle A-H
Cleo D-J
Conturelle A-H
Donna Karan Intimates B-DDD
Elomi C-JJ
Emma Jane B-K
Empreinte C-G
Fantasie B-K
Fauve C-H
Freya B-J
Goddess B-N
Grenier A-DD
Hanro A-DD
Harlequin D-G
Karen Ellis Intimate Apparel D-GG
Lady Marlene A-DD
Marie Jo A-E
Marlies Dekkers A-F
Masquerade D-G
Panache AA-KK
Rago B-DD
Rigby & Peller B-HH
Royce AAA-K
Ruby Pink D-GG
Shock Absorber A-G
Simone Perele A-G
Va Bien A-DD
Wacoal AA-DDD
Wolford A-D