One good thing is already here:  welcome to the new Hourglassy layout using WordPress, thanks to the patient work, fabulous creativity, and technical brilliance of Katie from Dreamup Studios.  Would love to hear your feedback.  I think the images in the collage express exactly what I mean by “hourglassy”, but let me know if you think they’re too “in your face”.  :)  Bear with me as I learn to use WordPress and finesse the details on each of the pages.

One more good thing on its way:  a review of another “One of the Good Ones”.  Zoë the reader reviews Zoë & Co., the lingerie store, later today.

Also stay tuned for a gorgeous giveaway, celebrating the launch of the new Hourglassy layout.  I can’t wait to share the details with you tomorrow.

But wait–there’s more!  Look for a guest post from Leah H. on Friday, followed by a visit inside her closet next week.  I haven’t taken you “Inside the Closet of” anyone in a while, but once you’ve taken this closet tour, I know you’ll forgive me.