If you haven’t yet read this Daily Mail article about the new Panache sports bra that’s coming out, here’s a summary:

  1. encapsulation (vs. compression)
  2. £35 retail (US$68)
  3. D-H cup sizes
  4. reduced bounce by 83% on a 32E model on a treadmill, compared to (a) her wearing no bra on the treadmill and (b) 65% bounce reduction by unnamed rivals
  5. has taken 3 years to develop

Here’s what else I learned when I stopped by the Panache booth on Monday:

  1. fashion colors above (love them!) come out in November; basic black and white below come out in October
  2. available in 28H
  3. includes a J-clip so that you can create a racer back (!!!)
  4. tagless to eliminate irritation
  5. seamless inside the cups to prevent chafing

I’m going to ask Charmaine to write a review of this bra when it comes out. I’d also like to hear Sadie’s comparison of it against the Bendon that she loves, and if any of you Shock Absorber, Anita or Enell fans try it, please let us know your impressions. (I’m an Anita fan myself, but I’m not sure I’ll be in the market for the Panache this fall since I just bought my Anita this past spring.)

None of the sales reps at CurveNY had actually tried the Panache sports bra yet, although everyone wants to.  Also, none of the material that they gave me referred to the research we learned about last August, which was disappointing, but overall it looks like it could be a great new addition to our sports bra options.

Panache is also offering these matching running shorts.