Here’s another guest post from Sadie M. I can’t wait to try her top pick.

Few things have made me as self-conscious as exercising with a large chest. First, there’s the availability of sports bras. If you’re over a D-cup, save yourself the torture and skip the sporting goods and department stores. There’s nothing like a “We don’t have anything for you…” with a judgmental once over (in which you are sure they notice your every imagined imperfection) to keep you from ever using that gym membership. Second is the bounce factor. For years, I was a card-carrying member of the double (or triple) layered sports bra. That technique might keep everything in, but it never quite passes the bounce test — if there’s a joke about black eyes, boobs, and exercising, I’ve heard it.

But over the last couple of years, I’ve discovered fantastic options for sports bras that seem to do the impossible: keep you strapped in, comfortable, and (gasp) able to wear cute workout gear. If you’ve been fitted, you can order most of these online at or These recommendations are all based on a 32G cup. Happy running!

Let’s start with this infamous Enell model, Oprah’s beloved sports bra. I find it to be way too much bra. Unless you’re wearing plain T-shirts to work out in, you can’t wear this without it showing. That means no V-necks, no spaghetti straps, no scoop necks, and especially nothing made specifically for working out. And don’t get me started on those bazillion hook-and-eyes. Who wants to feel like their wearing a corset while they’re pounding the pavement? Ladies, call me a heretic, but Oprah missed the boat on this one.

Instead, try one of these: My Top Pick:
The Bendon Extreme Out Technical Support Sports Bra. First, this bra gives hard-core support for high-impact sports like running while eliminating almost all bounce. It’s a compression bra, which makes activities like spinal twists in yoga, where other bras leave too much breast in the way, much easier. One of my favorite parts is that you can wear the straps parallel or crisscrossed; the crisscrossed style gives even better support and makes it possible to wear racerback style workout tops, and that makes me feel like a normal woman – a huge plus in my book! It’s an underwire style, but I haven’t had any issues with wire comfort until I’ve worn through them about a year after purchase (wearing 2-3x/ week).

Also Recommended:
Goddess’s Soft Cup Sports Bra is a good underwire-free option. It’s a good option for high-impact sports, with even more support than the Bendon for running. Three cons: a higher neckline means most V-necks won’t work with this bra, but some scoop necks do, and, because there’s no option to crisscross the straps, racerback workout tops are a no-go with this one. I also find the fabric doesn’t tend to wick away the sweat the way the other bras do.

Le Mystere’s new Energie Sport Bra is the softest, most comfortable sports bra I’ve tried. This is good for yoga or the elliptical, but I don’t think there’s enough support for running. Depending on your cup size, this may work for cycling classes, especially if you wear the straps crisscrossed. The cup is padded, like most of Le Mystere’s regular bras, which also helps enhance support.

The Jury’s Out:
Freya’s Soft Cup Sports Bra comes highly recommended by staff at both Linda’s bra shop and BraTenders, two of the best stores for fitting in New York. I didn’t feel enough support from the cup when doing my fitting room jog-in-place test, but if you’re between a DD and G, the support may work for you.