On Monday I told you to look for guest posts from bra enthusiasts about how they store their lingerie, but I need a little more time to do them justice.  Instead, look for one next week, one the following week and another the week after that.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  In addition to being bra experts, these women are great writers!

Speaking of great writers, please take a look at two really great blogs about the full-busted life that I’ve recently discovered:

  1. Georgina Horne at Fullerfigurefullerbust has recently posted some thoughtful pieces about the latest Pepperberry line, and if you go further back in her blog, you’ll see how great a 36H looks in Pinup Girl dresses.  I admire Georgina’s positivity and great body confidence so much that I voted for her in American Apparel’s The Next Big Thing contest.  You can vote for her here as well.  (I know, I don’t like American Apparel, either. But I really like Georgina.)
  2. Butterfly Collection, an online D+ bra boutique based in Canada, sells great brands (including the elusive BB Curves), but what really makes its site stand out is its indepth blog.  I have pretty low expectations of blogs affiliated with a store, so this one has surprised me.  It covers subjects near and dear to my heart, like how to support big-busted teenage daughters, and subjects I’ve always wondered about, like what lesbians want from their bras.

Finally, Cheryl Warner has gone crazy this week posting about her finds at the Moda exhibit.  She includes photos of an actual model wearing the new Panache sports bra that I reported on earlier this month, as well as delectable images of gorgeous lacy things.  If these don’t put you in the mood to read more about lingerie next week, then nothing will!