After Brittany posted her lace dress find on Thin and Curvy, I had to visit Banana Republic before it was sold out.  Alas, it didn’t matter. The size 14 wouldn’t zip completely.  I’ve gained some weight,  so it wasn’t only the size of my boobs that prevented the zipper from closing, but even if it had, I would have been all boob above the waist band.  You can see a little of this on Thin  and Curvy if you compare the model’s waist with that of Brittany’s (Brittany admits that a better bra might have helped).  Both look great, but I long for a dress like this that accounts for the extra fabric that large breasts need between shoulder and waist.

My trip to Banana Republic was not in vain, however.  While there I discovered two dresses that I want you to know about:  the  Opal knit dress on the left, and the Annie print wrap dress on the right.

If I weren’t trying to steer away from grey and if the 14 regular had lain smoothly down my back (I know many of you understand the challenges of a full-busted, large petite frame!), I would have snatched up the Opal. It’s an elegant style with super flattering lines that can be accessorized in a million ways and worn to multiple occasions. Other than the inevitable pilling that you can expect from a knit, this dress should last forever. The seam edges are actually enclosed in bias ribbon. It’s great quality for the $130 price tag.  Only size zero was available online at the time of this posting, so if you find your size in a store near you, don’t hesitate!

The Annie dress on the right is another flattering style and is only $98.  Again, I’m trying to stay away from grey, but I have to wonder if I’m making a mistake . . . !