A few weeks ago, someone tweeted images of a closet that I fell in love with.  My favorite image was of an assortment of robes hanging above gorgeous house slippers.  After that, I kept running into women with extensive lingerie collections.  “How do you store and organize it all?” I asked them.  Look for their answers in the next few posts.

As a teaser, take a look at these great storage pieces that Mr. Campbell and I found at a Portland furniture store last Friday.  The store was having a tent sale right next to the place where we had to buy a new tire before proceeding to New York.  It was much nicer to look at beautiful furniture than to sit in a giant showroom reeking of tires.  The bottom piece is actually called a lingerie chest.  If it were mine, I would put rarely-used items in the top drawer because I could barely reach it!

If you haven’t already, please let me know which Two Figs item you would put in your own lingerie drawer if you win the giveaway that ends tomorrow at midnight (PDT).