Back in April, I told you my daydreams for how I would use my La Petite Coquette Groupon. Since then, I certainly have gotten a lot of use out of it. I’ve visited the store to make two purchases and two returns and now simply have a store credit.  It’s not because I don’t love the bras I bought. They were gorgeous.

The first one I walked away with was the new Prima Donna Madison 0162129–no lace on the cup this time, and I love the look.  Based on what I learned with my first Prima Donna Madison purchase, I made sure to purchase it in 34H, even though I could barely fasten it.  I also finally followed my own advice and purchased a bra extender in the garment district for $2.50.  After that, it was almost perfect.

Photo from Charmelle28 website.

Almost perfect because the bra lay flat at the top of the breasts once I used the extender, but beneath the breasts I ran into the same problem I’ve written about before:  my breasts didn’t fill the cup.  See the extra room in the photo below. 

I decided I couldn’t live with this, so back to the store I went where I tried the Madison 0162121 in 36G.  It fit perfectly.   However, I only wanted the 0162129 in cafe, and crazily, La Petite Coquette won’t make special orders.

So I decided to take a closer look at the Empreinte Kaela that Séverine Maisonnasse wrote to tell me about recently.  I had tried it on my original visit to the store but forgotten to compare it to the Melody that I wrote about last October.  Here was my chance.  Look for a comparison in my next post!