Note:  After publishing this post, I got an extremely helpful comment to my October 8 post from Jacquie of Secrets from Your Sister, and I’ve added an excerpt to the end of this post.  Be sure to read it for a more complete understanding of how to be sure you’re wearing the right size.  It looks like one of my sure-thing bras is only a 90% sure thing.

After visiting Jasmine, a bra fitter at the Town Shop, last Thursday, I finally tore the price tag off the Madison bra that I wrote about here and wore it home.  Jasmine assured me that the 36H fit perfectly.  Here it is under my sweater.  I decided that I could live with these seams.  Interestingly, Jasmine also brought me the full cup Menton to try, and I could not live with those seams.  They were like two little crescent moons across my chest.

Jasmine was a great bra fitter–one of those fitters who really enjoys the science of it.  She explained that the Madison 36H cup was not too big because the wire ended just at my side “cleavage”.  On the other hand, the Satin 36H was too big because the wire ended past and above my side cleavage.   A 34H put it right back where it belonged because the cup is reduced proportionally to the band.  (The Satin 36H had also been too loose in the band.)

Jasmine knew how much I liked pretty straps, so she also brought out the Prima Donna Perle.  It’s practical, like the Satin, but prettier–except here’s what I discovered:  All seamless bras by the same manufacturer are not created equal.  The Perle spread me out.  The Satin brought me in and up.  Jasmine was great about waiting for me to take pictures to confirm.  Can you tell in the pictures below which is the Satin and which is the Perle?  Look for the answer after the jump.

The Perle is on the left.  The Satin is on the right.  After seeing the proof with my own eyes (and Jasmine’s  eyes as well), I left with my good old standby, the 34H Satin.

Sigh.  Bra shopping season is now over for me.  I love finding and wearing new bras.  Jasmine showed me the Prima Donna 1811 in cherry red.  So gorgeous and sexy the way the lace peaked out the top of my neckline.  But I am being very practical these days.

On Sunday, I went wedding dress shopping with a 34DD friend.  The search for her perfect dress was going to be a series for this blog, but she found the perfect dress in one afternoon!  So no more shopping for dreamy, beautiful clothing and lingerie for a while.  Can I live vicariously through you?  Are you on the search for something that you can share here?

Okay, time to run to my mammogram appointment.  I expect this to be another nightmare story in honor of Halloween!

Postscript:  Here’s the excerpt from Jacquie’s comments to my October 8 post.  Although the 36H Madison fits right now, I probably should have gone with the 34H and an extender for the most bra life for my money.

I can tell you with a feeling of certainty that you shouldn’t ever be in a 36. I mean I know I’m looking at pictures so I could be way off…but I really feel that you aren’t nearly as broad as a 36. IF you occasionally fit a 34 you should always insist on trying it. Since the cups are scaled then something like a 34H is the same cup as a 36G in Prima Donna – if you fit the 36G ALWAYS try the 34H and if it fits too get that one, it will be more comfortable after a few wears, more supportive and will fit you for a longer period of time.

So many stores, even ones who carry what they claim is “all” the sizes don’t carry enough 34/32/30/28 backs and the larger cups (G-L) that they need to offer these tighter backs and as a result fit much too large/loose.