Marketa and I went dress shopping 2 weeks ago, and I have a great find and a non-find to share with you later today. But first I’m forcing myself to hunt down receipts and balance checkbooks.  (This is why I haven’t responded to some of your super helpful responses to my request for fit models.  I will be getting in touch with you soon!)

To tide me (and you) over, I’m taking a quick break to post a photo of a dress I found at a shop in Manhattan yesterday called Zango.  Why do you think the dress (after the jump) caught my eye?


1.  The seaming down the bodice and the knit fabric make enough room for breasts while simultaneously revealing a waist;

2. The vertical seaming elongates the waist;

3. The flowy skirt balances a large top; and

4.  The straps are wide enough to cover bra straps.

Add to this that it was available in a Large, and I had to try it on.  Thanks to the dress’s lining and my Spanx Slimplicity Bodysuit, it fit with no back flab.  My upper arm flab was on display, but the salesman put me in a crocheted bolero that hid it completely.  I have never been tempted to look at boleros because I feel they only highlight my breasts, but this one looked amazing on me.  Time to re-think boleros!

But I didn’t buy the dress because I don’t need one like it right now.  I’m CRAZY, right?  The fabric is mesh so it won’t even pill.  And the salesman offered to discount it for me . . . and then gave me his card and offered to put it on hold for me if I call back to say I want it.  I loved his customer service!  (He was also very frank about telling me the coloring in the dress worked better on me than the wrap dress with flowers on a white background.)

Even as I write this, I’m vacillating.  Time to get back to my bank accounts to see if there’s any way to make this purchase!

And I’ll definitely be going back to this store.  I’m hoping they’ll make more use of their Facebook page to show what merchandise looks good on the different women who shop there.  I loved the variety of body types that I saw walk through their door.  The dress I tried was from the Ariella brand, which, surprisingly, caters to the ladies junior contemporary market. Just goes to show, sometimes you never know when or where you’re going to find something that fits.