This Friday, we can look forward to one more The Rack column from Tammy before she undergoes The Reduction.  If you’re curious about what she’s been thinking and feeling leading up to it, you should follow her on Twitter @Tammylicious.  I’ve culled my favorite tweets from her on the subject after the jump (plus a couple about her career to show you how famous she’s going to be soon).

June 3

  • Preliminary details for boob party: starting off at Bourbon Street on 46th @ 9PM on 6/17!!
  • Ok just kidding bourbon street is booked that night…suggestions for a good bar with space for silly party festivities/boob cake ?

June 6

  • Pre surgery bucket list ! In full effect,

June 8

  • Pre-op doc appointment this morning. Got all my prescriptions to fill..incl. Ambien…weird.

June 9

  • Had an amazing meeting today with Grammy winning producers & my writing partner..Gonna be writing together! Good Thursday.
  • Oh and they liked our songs – and my voice. So I’m pretty much floating.

June 11

  • gross & tired after work/biking home from naturally some dude has to hit on me, oblivious to “i’m not interested” body language
  • i think ‘understanding body language’ should be part of some universal core curriculum all people have to study
  • la la la la laaaaaaa dreaming of bandeau bikinis

June 13

  • Getting my Pre-op bloodwork & mandatory pregnancy test…if i’m with child, there’s a large chance 2012 = 2nd coming
  • My doctor didn’t find my immaculate conception jokes funny at all which was kind of a bummer, not gonna lie
  • The pregnant nurse put her stethoscope up to my stomach & I said ‘nobody’s home, try next door.’ she thought it was hilar
  • T- 8 days !!!

June 14

  • #thevoice seems super cool! definitely gonna catch up on this next week when i’m laid up.
  • i have never been more excited to be stitched, bandaged, and trapped in nj with the remote.