If you follow my blog this week, you’re in no danger of forgetting your mother on her special day this Sunday. I first had the idea for this week’s series when Tammy wrote about her mother in January.  You’re going to love what’s in store for you in the next few days–amazing women that I’ve met while writing this blog who are going to share advice for (or from) moms, and memories and legacies of the women who raised them.  Don’t worry–it isn’t going to be one big Hallmark card, although some mother-daughter relationships come pretty close.  Here’s a list of the possible topics that I sent each woman that I asked to guest post this week:

  1. What did your mother do to encourage/discourage body acceptance?
  2. What do you wish your mother had done to encourage body acceptance?
  3. What is your mother’s fashion legacy?
  4. How was/is your mother a role model?
  5. Tell the story of your first bra shopping experience with your mother.
  6. Share a funny story about bra or clothes shopping with your mother.
  7. Is there a memorable saying or philosophy from your mother (having to do with breasts)?
  8. Describe mother/daughter interactions that you have observed in lingerie and clothing stores.
  9. “If I were a mother . . . ” or “If my daughter wears a D+ . . . .”

If this list makes you want to share your own mother-related stories or advice, I’d love to include a post from you.  You can even be anonymous.  Otherwise, we’ll look forward to reading your comments in the coming days.