In keeping with Imogen Lamport’s suggestion that we look for designers who are large-breasted themselves, I gave Jessica Simpson another try yesterday. 

This dress is too small for my G/H bosom (proof after the jump), but consistent with my finding last December, I think those of you who are an F cup or smaller will love this dress.  Why?  Because you won’t even have to wear a bra!  There’s a wide elastic band in back that holds everything in place, and the straps are even adjustable.

The cups are molded like a bra without any stretch, so no sagging.  I liked the a fun working zipper in front.  There’s also a side zipper for ease of getting into and out of the dress, but I only discovered it as I was changing out of it (of course).

If you’re lucky enough to wear a size 4, 6 or 8 and you order before June 2, you can get 20% off this dress (regularly $128) and free shipping from Jessica Simpson’s site itself.  If you wear a different size, check out your local department store.  I found the size 14 at Lord & Taylor yesterday.