If you’ve ever had a gift card to your favorite store, then you know how I feel about the Groupon I bought last December–$75 worth of lingerie for $35 from La Petite Coquette. I’ve had so much fun spending it in my head that it’s going to be a little sad to relinquish it to the cashier by the June 21 deadline.

I even used it to cheer myself up after our April 26 IRS audit. The first thing I saw when I walked into the store that afternoon were these gorgeous cotton Celestine nightgowns from Germany, each one over $200.

I know that this style would have a moo moo effect on those of us who are endowed, but I feel like if I wore one of these to bed, I would wake up the next morning to a lady’s maid drawing the curtains and setting a breakfast tray over my knees.  In other words, this is just the nightgown to carry out the Downton Abbey script that has been playing in my head since watching the series on Netflix.

Ultimately, a Celestine nightgown didn’t make my list, but here’s what’s on it so far:

  •  a practical half slip
  • a strapless bra
  • an Empreinte or Lise Charmel bra

 What lingerie would you buy with $75 burning a hole in your pocket?