The Rack is a weekly Friday column–posted on Monday this week thanks to Google issues last week– by fit model, bartender, musician and future superstar Tammy.

Spring has finally arrived! The beautiful weather has brought my skirts, tank tops, and sundresses out of hiding, along with my pale skin, flabby arms, and thighs that touch together just a liiiiiitle too much for my liking. So, to the gym I go! Here is my current get-tight-and-stay-that-way plan (an addendum to my previous post about my favorite breast-friendly workout options):

1. Kettlebells
Cast-iron weights with handles, these babies look pretty intimidating but are surprisingly easy to work with. The beauty of a kettlebell workout is that it works your whole body all at once– saving time, and giving you great definition in your arms, legs, back, and core. I first got started with kettlebells about a year ago at my local New York Sports Club, which was offering reasonable small-group training classes with a kettlebell pro. I’ve been hooked ever since!

2. TRX Suspension Training

A trainer friend of mine let me sit in on a a class he was teaching with TRX cables and I was an instant fan. The cables hang from a hook, bolted to the ceiling (or hooked to any number of anchors…you can even get anchors and stands for home use!). The pictures above are just a few of the amazing body weight exercises you can do with these incredible things! Imagine doing a plank with your feet hanging through these straps– lifting and supporting your entire body weight with your abdominal muscles. Ouch! TRX is definitely worth trying out if you’re looking to be long, lean, and strong.

3. Biking

Meet the new love of my life- this is a picture of the bike I purchased this week on craigslist. I hadn’t ridden in years, but as the saying goes…you never forget how to ride a bike! It was one of my most favorite activities as a kid- I can remember riding around for hours and hours, and kicking and screaming as my mother dragged me into the house as it was getting dark outside. There are few things more peaceful than the sun on your face and the wind in your hair on a long, calorie busting ride.

4. Yoga

I had such a hard time choosing from all of the beautiful images that came up when I googled “yoga!” WOW! I can’t say enough about how much I love practicing yoga. Life is so stressful– I think everyone could benefit from an hour of quiet stretching, balancing, and meditating. I am absolutely over the moon about my most recent deal—30 days of unlimited yoga for $30 through livingsocial, this great website that brings deals of 50% off or more to your inbox daily! If you haven’t tried livingsocial, (and its competitor groupon), if you haven’t already discovered their awesome discounts on food, entertainment, and even dentists!

All of the above are boob-friendly 🙂 Have a splendid week, ladies!