First, Marketa wants a cute little jacket to dress things up for spring.  We’re going shopping together on Friday.  Any suggestions?  She thought this post was depressing, but since she has a pretty narrow back, I  thought the Kinder Aggungini military jacket might work, especially with all those buttons.  I also think the anoraks and kimono jackets would fit, but she wants something dressier and more tailored.

Before the weather warms up entirely, take a look at this list of features to look for in a coat if you’re large-breasted, compliments of question 2 in this Jezebel post.  Based on your own experiences, do you agree with it?  Have you tried any of their suggestions?

  1. Keep it single-breasted; you don’t want a bunch of buttons marching across your boobs and pulling insolently.
  2. Look for an open neckline. It’s the most flattering and it’s an easier fit.
  3. As a rule, go for structure and tailoring rather than a flowing shape  although the latter, belted, can look pretty cool too.
  4. Keep it plain: avoid breast-pockets and similar doo-das, although this is really cosmetic, so it’s up to you.
  5. If you feel like you’re bigger on top than the bottom, try a flared or princess shape for balance.
  6. The tailor is your friend! She can take in shoulders and waists! And at the very least, move buttons.
  7. The more buttons, the better. You may even want to have a tailor add a few more and move the others around to make sure there’s no gapping. Hidden snaps can do wonders, too.

Finally, I’m hoping to post soon about some more lounge and sleepwear options that I discovered for us at Curve–just waiting for a list from the manufacturer of where you can buy them!