My friend Emme just discovered that she was a either a 32F or a 30G and wanted help bra-shopping yesterday. What fun! She was open to trying everything. She walked away with a Prima Donna Satin, the Elle Macpherson Dentelle and the Chantelle Cachemire. What a difference for someone who entered the store wearing a 38D from Victoria’s Secret.

If I helped her, she certainly also helped me.  Look at this great jacket she found for $49 from H&M.  It’s not exactly what Marketa is looking for, but Emme loves it because it buttons.  She said it’s available in several colors.

Finally, I have to give a shameless plug for my shirts.  See a picture of her wearing a 6L after the jump.  Being fitted in a 30G isn’t so traumatic when you can find a button-down shirt to fit over the beautiful bras you just bought.