Blogger Stylish Curves announced last week that H&M was re-launching a plus line, so when I passed the H&M on 86th and Lexington last week, I decided to see if they had anything that fit my bust that could be altered to fit my shoulders and waist.  The store on 86th hadn’t heard anything about a plus line, so they sent me to their bigger store on 59th and Lex.  An employee at the store on 59th was about to send me to H&M’s flagship store on 5th Avenue, but I asked her to check before I went all the way over there.  As you probably know now, it turned out that H&M plus clothes will only be offered online in Europe.

However, I did get to look around and see what all the fuss is about.  Later today I will post my discoveries.  Right now I’m rushing to meet with a stylist who I hope will have amazing tips for us in the future!