If you like coats, dresses and bags, then Giselle’s closet is the one for you. Today is Coat Day, and when you see the picture after the jump of the little closet in her studio apartment, you will be amazed at how much came out of it. And remember, that’s just coats. Tomorrow is Dress Day.

I’ve written a few notes in the caption below each photo. After the jump, I share Giselle’s and my favorites. What’s yours? (For even more coat options for us, keep reading to the very last paragraph.)

Coat A:  Divita Leather Jacket

All zipped up.  Who says we can’t wear pockets over
our chests?  Once again, coats prove the exception to the
rule.  (Remember the “no cross body bags” rule that
we can break with coats?)
Nice lines in back show off her shape.

Coat B:  Marc Jacobs Alpaca

This is size Medium because
Marc Jacobs cuts large.
This is her everyday coat. 

Coat C:  Calvin Klein

It fastens with hooks! (Sorry,
that’s not a button at the bottom,
just a spot on my camera; and the
material isn’t fur.)  This shimmery
coat is for “going out”.
She had the sleeves shortened

and the back taken in.  When
she worked at Bergdorf, they
had 150 seamstresses who 
completed 6000 alterations
a month, most within 24 hours.

Coat D:  Tory Burch Spring Raincoat

Again, coats let us break the
“no double-breasted” rule.

Coat E:  Shin Choi Cashmere Coat

Size 12.

Coat F:  Flavio Castelani Ski Jacket

She doesn’t wear this much because she wishes
it were longer.

Coat G: Mon Cler Ski Jacket

This one’s long enough! She likes
the diamond quilting pattern.

Giselle’s organized treasure chest of a closet.

Giselle’s favorite is Coat C, the Calvin Klein. My favorite is Coat A, the Divita leather jacket.  I just love the streamlined, body-flattering (vs. body-hiding) look.  A close runner up for me is Coat E, the Shin Choi cashmere.  Something about the horizontal line just below her collar–can you figure out why this is so great?  I can’t put it into words.  What’s your favorite?

Back in November, Reader MJ gave us a report from the front about her search for coats, updating it periodically in the comments section. Since then, she has posted reviews on her own blog of her TopShop find (see her February 9 post) and her Bravissimo find (see her February 20 post–and sandwiched in between on February 13 is a review of the 4L shirt she purchased from Campbell & Kate!).