I love it when readers agree to share their experiences because it’s impossible for one 5’3”, 34H woman to cover everything there is to know about the large-bust experience. Today’s report comes from MJ, a reader who is 5’9” and on the hunt for a winter coat. She hasn’t found it yet, but the rest of you tall, hourglassy women can benefit from her search so far.

Alright, I’ll tell you about tall coats!!!

I love Long Tall Sally, but they are only carrying one tall winter coat this year.  As you can see, it’s shaped like a bell. It doesn’t look hourglass friendly, but maybe I could belt it. I will go to the store to try it on. 

Another place I’ve been looking is Old Navy. I have to mail order these, so reading the reviews is a must. My latest experience was not a good one. I tried the Frost Free Jacket, which I thought was a winter puffer.  It is described as: “shaped to give you a bit of a waist”.  I ordered it in a Tall to get the waist in the right place and see if a longer body would give me more room for the boobs.

Heh well… let me just say there really was no difference. I couldn’t get the coat over my boobs. I would have to size up the tall exactly the same as with a regular length. And even though it was described as a slightly fitted shape, there was only a teeny tiny barely visible nip at the waist. So the waist was huge, but it was very tight in the bust.

The last place I’ll try is Eddie Bauer, with their tall range. They seem to have a wide selection. I am sure they would keep me cozy all winter.

If all fails, I’ll check out MyShape.

I will find something, I am sure.

I can’t wait to see what she ultimately finds. If you’ve found a great winter coat for someone tall and hourglassy, please let MJ and the rest of us know! (Nothing after the jump.)