Both copies of The Fashion File, by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant, have been checked out from my library.  I’m too impatient to wait, so I purchased my own copy last week.  I’ve gleaned my favorite insights from it for this blog, and now I want to give it away.  It’s too beautiful to gather dust on a bookshelf.  Would you like to own this book?  Or is there a fashionista in your life who would like it for Christmas?  I promise to get it to you in time to put under the tree, and I won’t tell where it came from!

Here’s how to win this book.  For the next five business days, I’ll be sharing something from the book here.  Simply post a meaningful comment below the entry. Next Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll draw a name from all of those who commented and announce the winner.  The more meaningful comments you post, the more your chances of winning.

What makes a comment meaningful?  For me, it’s a comment that only you could post.  It may answer a question asked in the blog or share a personal experience or opinion.  It’s pretty much anything more than “I agree”.

Do you find the comment process on this blog difficult? My sister does. Only a few of her comments have ever made it through to me to post.  Please email me at if you run into similar problems.  It seems to be one of the negatives of using the Blogger platform.