Each of my six nieces is fun, smart and polite, and going to make a big difference in the world.  But only this one has it all going on up top!  The rest will graduate past a B cup if they get pregnant (and if they do, they can follow the advice here).  When I took this niece for a fitting a few years ago, I think she was a 28 or 30C.  Her sister took this picture in a dressing room on Saturday.  Do you think it’s time for another fitting?

Surprisingly, I like the chest pockets on this size Medium shirt.  The only thing over-emphasizing her bust is the giant gap between the buttons.  It makes me happy that instead of being forced to buy this shirt in an XL,  my niece is growing up in a world where she can find button-front shirts to fit her beautiful shape. (Nothing after the jump.)