My amazing technical designer (you saw why she’s so amazing here) mentioned her friend’s company, eShakti, to me a few months ago, but until reader MJ emailed me a link to its website, I didn’t realize that the company works with individuals.  Basically, eShakti makes custom clothes for you in India without your having to leave the States.  It’s almost like what I wrote about here, but without the expense (or fun) of traveling. 

Here are two eShakti styles that I’d like to have in my closet.  At $54.95 each, the extra $7.50 charge to customize a dress is easily affordable.

And here are my favorite custom options:

  • You can choose a different sleeve style for each dress, so you don’t have to be stuck with cap sleeves. In some cases, you can even choose a different neckline.
  • And get ready for this–they request your bra cup size to ensure a better fit!!!  Am I dreaming??

On Bust Lounge’s forum for women with large breasts, one reader wrote, “Everything I’ve ever gotten from [eShakti] has been splendid & cut to my specific boobie needs.” Let us know about your experience if you place an order! (Nothing after the jump.)