Things have become even more streamlined since I wrote about Rebecca & Drew here in February. R&D now focuses entirely on made-to-order shirts, dresses and suits (although a few shirts are still available to purchase from inventory). Even better, they’ve added F-H cups into the mix.

I dragged Debra, a 30G, with me to try them on (which is how she discovered her dress in my previous post). It turns out that the F-H cups are only available in band sizes 34-38, so fit specialist Lila Smith put Debra into a 32DD.

On the left, you see Debra wearing the 32DD Soft & Smooth Regular. On the right, she is wearing the 32DD Soft & Smooth Long. Debra is not a tall person, which proves once again that everyone over 5’2″ should order R&D shirts in long.

This shirt looks great on Debra from the front, but how about the crucial side and back? See those views after the jump, plus a bonus pic of Debra wearing an R&D tunic-length shirt.

The good news: Debra still has a waist in the side view of this shirt. She doesn’t look pregnant. Your band size is the key to a streamlined profile in R&D shirts. I’ll show you an example of this in my next post.

The other good news: the back doesn’t have extra folds.

Finally, I loved this black & white striped tunic-length shirt on Debra.