Today and tomorrow I’m giving you all the little snippets that I couldn’t figure out how to use in my earlier posts but that I don’t want to let go to waste. They’re all related.

First, more about Charla Krupp. Her picture on the left comes at the beginning of her book as an example of a “high-fat look”. On the right is her “no-fat look”, after she has followed her own advice.

Below, see the high-fat and no-fat looks from her chapter called “How to Never Look Fat with a Big Bust”.

In each example, I prefer the look on the left! What about you? I’m not saying that they’re perfect, but each high-fat look has personality. Each no-fat look says “Hide Me.

Charla Krupp’s high-fat look says to me, “I’m creative, energetic and ready to go.” Her no-fat look says, “I’m conservative and slightly fearful.” The model’s high-fat look says, “I’m adventurous.” Her no-fat look says, “I play it safe.” (Of course, there are several other possible messages, depending on the context . . . flighty vs. calm; rebel vs. team player, etc.)

I confess: the no-fat looks have been staples in my closet. And there’s a place for them. And I know many hard-charging women with conservative looks who take giant risks. But I want to explore what happens when we focus on our personalities when we get dressed instead of worrying about what to hide. (Nothing after the jump.)