sheath dresses sept 7 and 8

Here are the odds and ends I meant to post yesterday, before I got distracted by the necklace.

1.  In contrast to Charla Krupp, I love Sally McGraw of 

A cup women . . . no pads . . . (but fat doesn’t = larger breasts)

2. I SO appreciate Sally McGraw and her August 31 repost on alreadypretty.

A true sheath features a pencil skirt-esque bottom half, and since you’ll have an unbroken line from shoulders to knees, there’s no way to disguise the tum.

Charla Krupp — before & after; breast reduction; how to [negative (not look old; never look fat)] vs how to [positive (look smart, approachable, funny, etc.)]

who are we? more than boobs, which is why we don’t want that to be the only thing people notice (unless we’re in a Selma Hayek mood)