Do you have an accessory that you love but never wear? Well, today’s the day I’m going to wear my Audrey Kerrigan necklace no matter what. If you check out her website here, you can see why I love her style.  Audrey actually gave me a necklace when I complimented her on it at a meeting in July, and I actually tried to refuse it because it’s the kind of necklace I love but don’t feel I can do justice to.  I can only imagine wearing it with a black tee.  However, if that’s all it takes, then that’s what I’m wearing today. 

The next issue is length.  I agree with Charla Krupp’s commandment “not to dangle necklaces off the cliff of my chest,” but also think it’s a bad idea to rest a necklace within the nest of my cleavage.

Finally, there’s neckline.  See how I played around with these factors after the jump.  How would you wear this necklace, and with what?

Here you see 2″ of cleavage.  I shortened the necklace so that it wouldn’t look like an arrow pointing to the beginning of my cleavage.  Of the three looks, I think this one looks the best.  I’m only running errands outside the house, so why am I too shy to wear it this way?
This is with double-sided tape, reducing my cleavage to just half an inch.  This is how I plan to wear it.  Sigh. 

I added a cami here.  My least favorite look in person, but it doesn’t look so bad in the photo.  I just love this necklace!