Until I found free tickets to it on craigslist yesterday, I had never heard of the Maker Faire. Besides all the tech-y, craft-y exhibits, here are a few other items I found extremely interesting.

She’s probably a B cup, but I was transfixed by this ride attendant’s corset, which you know I’m a sucker for.  She didn’t remember where she bought it, but the “skirt” she’s wearing is actually a man’s Utilitkilt
Every now and then, Mr. Campbell will say, “She should have called me before she left the house this morning,” and I’ll know he’s found something I have to see.  My explanation for why she would wear this outside?  It’s only for her boyfriend.
The exhibitors were trying to make their subject sexy, but I have no idea what they invented.  I think the contraption embedded in this bustier reads the wearer’s body temperature and transfers it somewhere.  I’m sure there was more to it, but my eyes were glazing over as they talked.

I’ve added a few more pictures after the jump that have nothing to do with bustiness.

This woman makes blank notebooks from old books.
I loved seeing this mother and daughter working together at the crocheting table.
This man’s cap, shirt and pants were made from old Metrocards.
I want this Oliso smart iron.  You don’t have to lift it up to keep from scorching your clothes.