We’re literally wrapping it up–with scarves! Gina chooses scarves that she can wear with a tee shirt or plain long sleeved shirt as a single accent.

The Scarf Drawer

She wears this one with jeans.
This one is super long, which Gina finds difficult to pull off with boobs, so she makes it nice and short.

Because of the fabric texture, this tiny scarf only needs to be tied once and it stays.  She wears it with suits and always gets compliments.  It comes from the MoMA Store–nice to know about this resource!

This super soft knit scarf is also from the MoMA Store.  (Grey isn’t Gina’s color, so she has to remember the lipstick for this one.)

She wore this flowery scarf all summer with khaki pants and a white shirt.  Source:  a friend was getting rid of it.

She wears this Echo scarf with suits.  I’d like to see how she wraps it . . . maybe in a later post.

This was a gift that co-workers purchased for her from the Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop. 

Finally, she bought this from Anthropoligie two years ago.  It can be used as a wrap . . .

and a scarf with her favorite jacket.  It’s another scarf that always gets compliments.

This makes me want to experiment with scarves for myself.  And I’m looking forward to seeing what accessories other D+ women have in their closets.  Look for another “Inside the Closet . . .” post in October!