A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Debra, my friend who lost 40 pounds and went from a 36G to a 30G. She’s loving her healthy body, but some issues remain constant. Case in point: she still can’t buy a cute sundress from a street vendor that will cover her entire bra. Below is a dress that she tried on over her tee shirt.

A week after we took the sundress picture, Debra met me at Rebecca & Drew’s new showroom in the garment district. We were there to try Rebecca & Drew’s new line of shirts made for F-H cups, but Debra couldn’t take her eyes off this shirt dress.

Before we left, she’d placed an order for the dress in navy blue with raspberry pinstripes (below) and silver buttons (bottom left of button samples)–and of course, no pockets on the chest. She has never had a dress that buttons down the front and is super excited about it. I’ll meet her at R&D to take pictures of the final product in a week or so (it takes 15-20 business days to receive their made-to-measure garments).

What made it even better is that Debra got 25% off this dress because I referred her! Lila Smith (still my favorite part of R&D) will extend this discount to any Red Violet Project readers, so give her a call at 212-647-8901. Without the discount, the dress would cost $260, plus $8-$13, depending on choice of buttons. There’s no difference in price for choosing long sleeves.

The whole process is a lot of fun. R&D has great fabrics, and Lila gives excellent advice. Example: I thought the dress would look good in a floral that caught my eye, but she made me realize that it would actually look like a curtain in so much volume!

Here’s another fun way to experience R&D–through an UrbanGirlSquad event on September 21. It costs $30, but you get a 30% discount, a chance to network with other women, and a goody bag.

I haven’t forgotten about the F-H cup shirts I want to tell you about. I’ll try to post pics of Debra’s good experience with them later today. (Nothing after the jump.)